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Our story and why we love soap

Naturally Posh Soap was born from a love of the wonderful soaps of Provence in France.  I have travelled there many times, and have always come back with my luggage filled with the wonderful soaps I have collected from many different shops.  In 2008 my life began a sudden new path, and I decided that I wanted to pursue my love of soap and take some classes and learn how to make it myself.  Little did I know how this decision would change my life! 

It began as a hobby.  I would make the soap and give it away to friends and family.  I played with various recipes and methods, and did have a few throw away disasters.  But as I look back on it, those were necessary to get to where I am now.  

Our story continues in new and exciting ways.  I always listen to my customers and you have given me some great ideas.  Many of you have asked for something in blue.  We now have developed a wonderful new fragrance called Frangipani which smells of Hawaiian leis to me. As always there is no Sodium laurel sulfates nor parabens in any of our products which means they are very gentle to the skin.  I have organised the fragrances into colour signatures.  You will see what I mean when you look at the revised pages. 

When we began Naturally Posh we wanted to use wonderfully luxurious oils and butters.   That is why it is posh.  It is lovely, handmade soap that is so good for your skin.  Until I began making my own soap, I had always used soap that I bought in the local supermarket (when I ran out of the soaps from Provence).  I used soap that was marked for 'sensitive skin'.  My skin still itched like mad most of the time.  Since I now use my own handmade soap, I now understand the difference it makes for the skin.  The itchy condition I have had all of my adult life has gone.  My skin feels wonderful.  It is a posh wash. 

Thanks for your support, and reading about my concept for the company.  If you do decide to order some of our products, please let me know what you think.  Your comments are very important to me. 


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