Hand Made Soaps and Lotions
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Welcome to Naturally Posh
Our luxurious products are  handmade and packaged in our home workshop in the lovely countryside of Northamptonshire.  Our bar soaps are made from olive oil, coconut oil, virgin organic palm oil, and shea butter formulated for gently cleansing without drying your skin.  The oils and butters have been ethically sourced.  The bases for our lotions, bubble baths, hand wash, and new body wash are made for us to our specifications in a lab to the latest standards in green chemistry.  We use minimal preservatives and none of our products contain Sodium Laurel Sulphate no parabens.  We have designed the recipes, the handmade packaging, and the fragrances.  That is why we finish every one of our products with our trademark red seal.  You will know it is made by hand and finished in this elegant way.  We know you will feel the difference after using Natually Posh. 

All of our six fragrances are in our exclusive colour signatures and within those you will find bars of soap, lotions, hand and body wash, and an entire page of gift combinations.    We now feature etched glass bottles for our lotions, bubble bath and hand and body wash and we continually update our fragrances as well as our products.    Click on the name of the fragrance on the menu on the left, and you will find everything to do with that fragrance.  We now have a Posh Soap of the Month Club as well.  So, please have a look around our site.