Hand Made Soaps and Lotions
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Midnight Garden

Midnight Garden is one of our newest fragrances.  We make it with top notes of sweet Black Cardamom combined with a foundation of a garden like sage and then just a hint of citrus.  The result is a fragrance that will remind you of the most lovely evening in a very fragrant garden. 


Midnight Garden handmade soap in a silk drawstring bag

Midnight Garden soap is made with coconut oil, virgin organic palm oil, olive oil, and shea butter. Each bar weighs approximately 110 grams (4 oz.), and measures 3”x 2” x 1” (7.8cm x 5cm x 2.5cm).  Please bear in mind that each bar of soap is handmade, and sizes can slightly vary. We now present all our soaps in a silk drawstring bags as it keeps the soap fresher.    



Midnight Garden soap on a tray with an Egyptian cotton bath mitt

This is one of our most popular items at shows.  Our Egyptian Cotton bath mitts complement the soap and then we place them on a wooden soap tray and wrap with a ribbon.  
Midnight Garden Soap on a tray with an Egyptian cotton bath mitt


Midnight Garden hand and body lotion

Our lotion can be used on your hands or your body.  It is a light moisturising lotion made from a base of sweet almond oil that is paraben free.  It  dries to a flat finish that is not sticky or greasy.  Our lovely etched glass pump bottle looks very elegant too.  

Midnight Garden hand and body lotion


Midnight Garden bath bubbles

Here are our wonderful bath bubbles  in our blue indigo 250 ml etched glass signature bottle with a cork stopper.  Our bubbles are hand made without any Sodium laurel sulfate and they smell fantastic, and produce just the right amount of bubbles for your tub.  The bottle looks very stylish in your bathroom too.  


Midnight Garden bath bubbles


Midnight Garden hand and body wash

This is our hand and body wash in a stylish idigo blue 250 ml etched glass pump bottle.  You can use this for a hand wash or a body wash in the shower (but please take care as these are glass bottles).  Our handmade formula does not contain any Sodium laurel sulfate, and will make your skin feel and smell marvelous.   

Midnight Garden hand and body wash


Two Bottle Combination including lotion and hand/body wash

Here is one of the most popular items we sell at shows.  We combine our wonderful lotion with a hand/body wash and then offer a small discount.  You can enjoy your combination in either the bathroom or kitchen. 


Combination Lotion and Hand/Body Wash


Midnight Garden trio of bottles

Our complete trio of bath bubbles, hand and body wash and body lotion will make your skin feel and smell wonderful.  If you decide on all three bottles, you will receive a great discount too. 




Midnight Garden Trio of Bottles